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Pleasure places - Elodie Chrisment

Caged Humans in Bali - Ingetje Tadros

The battle of Sidón - Sebastian Castañeda

Defined by Agent Orange - Hiroko Tanaka

Children of Drug-Addicted Mothers - Yanina Manolova

Dead Cities in Syria - Maciej Moskwa

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon - Giada Connestari

The politics of violence - Mohammad Rakibul Hasan


A Tale of Bibi Zohora - Turjoy Chowdhury

Northern Moldova: along the river Dniester - Anton Polyakov

Please Make It Stop - Sarah Hoskins

BIT ROT Project - Valentino Bellini

Princess to Slave - Anahit Hayrapetyan

The Forgotten - Michael Abrahams

"Where we live matters" - Philippe Schneider

Struggle for a normal life - Somali refugees in Italy - Lorenzo Masi

Occupied - Leigh Wood

Syria. - Rauli Virtanen

The Kids From Lunik IX - Michael Biach