Book Award

FotoEvidence BOOK AWARD


The 2017 FotoEvidence Book Award competition is now open for submissions. Deadline January 15th. 2017 Winners of the 2017 FotoEvidence Book Award will be announced February 20, 2017.

The Award:

The annual FotoEvidence Book Award will recognize a documentary photographer whose project demonstrates courage and commitment in addressing a violation of human rights, a significant injustice or an assault on human dignity. The selected project will be published in a book, as part of a series of FotoEvidence books dedicated to the work of photographers whose commitment and courage create an awareness of social injustice.

The Book Award winner and up to four other selected finalists will be exhibited on the FotoEvidence web site and in New York City during the fall of 2017.

FotoEvidence will offer to collaborate with one of the finalists to crowdfund the publication of their work.

Submission Requirements:

  1. The competition is open to professional and amateur photographers and photographers collectives.
  2. Submit up to 15 images from one project. If you are selected for the FotoEvidence Book Award you will be asked to submit 100-120 photographs on the same topic.
  3. $50 entry fee, payable during the online entry process.

If for some reason you are not able to pay the entry fee please write a letter explaining your circumstances to Include in the body of the email an explanation of your situation, a description of your project and three to five images. The images should be 72 dpi and 1024 pixels the longest side. If we find your project strong enough you will be allowed to enter the competition without paying the required fee.

How to Submit:

To enter the FotoEvidence Book Award competition register here.

Once your registration has been confirmed, you will be asked to provide the following:

  1. Up to fifteen photographs with titles and captions.Photographs without captions in the file info field will be rejected from the competition
    1. Each image should be 72 dpi and 1024 pixels on the longest side. (The system will reject bigger files).
    2. RGB mode
    3. JPEG format
    4. Maximum quality
    5. Filename: LastnameFirstname_title e.g. SmithJohn_Elections
  2. A statement of up to 250 words about your work. Please list any exhibits, awards or previous publications of the work you are submitting.
  3. Resume/CV
  4. $50 entry fee, payable to FotoEvidence during the online entry process

Photographers may submit two separate portfolios of up to 15 images each. A separate application and entry fee is required for each entry.

By submitting your images for the FotoEvidence Book Award you agree to the terms and conditions of the FotoEvidence usage agreement by checking the box that indicates you have read and understand the terms and conditions.

Deadline and Timeframe:

Submissions to the FotoEvidence Book Award are accepted all year up until the deadline of January 15th of the award year, i.e. submissions for the 2017 FotoEvidence Book Award must be received by midnight (E.S.T.) on January 15th, 2017. Submissions received after January 15th will be considered for the following year's Book Award.

Awards will be announced by February 20, 2017.

Usage Rights

Copyright and ownership of photographs remain with the photographer/photographers at all times. All entrants agree to grant FotoEvidence permission to use submitted work for promotional purposes in any electronic media, printed materials, or advertising. The use is granted for a period of two years. All published images will be credited with the photographer's name. Entrants also agree to allow their images to be reproduced in third-party newspapers and magazines (printed and electronic) solely for the purpose of promoting the work, the photographer, FotoEvidence and the Book Award.

The Book Award prize winner agrees to the release of their photographs as a FotoEvidence book under the terms of the FotoEvidence book contract. FotoEvidence will collaborate with the photographers on editorial decisions in the development and publication of the book. Photographers will receive 20 complimentary copies of the book.

Important Notes:

FotoEvidence reserves the right to reject entries that are not submitted properly. Submissions should come directly from artists. No exceptions will be made for late submissions.