FotoEvidence and World Press Photo    announce a new collaboration


FotoEvidence and the World Press Photo Foundation announced their future collaboration on the FotoEvidence Book Award.  The award will be known in the future as The FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo. 

The book award  winner and two other selected finalists will be exhibited during the World Press Photo Exhibition each year  in Amsterdam in conjunction with the launch of the winner’s book. The book will also be available during the World Press Photo Exhibition in many of the 100 cities worldwide to which the exhibition travels each year, expanding FotoEvidence's reach to a global audience.

The 2018 book award is open for submissions.  The deadline is December 15, 2017.


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The  2018 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo is currently open for submissions.  The new collaboration between FotoEvidence and World Press Photo means that the winner and two finalists for the book award will be exhibited in the annual World Press Photo Exhibition and the book will be presented in many of the 100 cities the exhibition visits.  This collaboration will strengthen FotoEvidence's mission of supporting a photographer who demonstrates courage and commitment in the pursuit of human rights. Apply at Book Award.



Interview with Peter BauzaBy Régina Monfort   

Peter Bauzai won the 2017 World Press Photo 3rd prize for contemporary issues for his project "Cocacabana Palace," documenting life in a community in Rio de Janeiro, living in unfinished condo buildings lacking basic services, like electricity, water and sanitation.



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Fernando Moleres is the new addition to the FotoEvidence Gallery on line with his series of photographs "Melting Landscapes".
Signed prints are available for sale. 
Purchase of these works supports photographers working on long term projects that might otherwise never be documented or published.

From the series "Melting Landscapes" by Fernando Moleres.

Click on the image to view his testimony



Mario Cruz continues to follow up on his  project documenting the slave-like conditions of talibés in Senegal.  Here he testifies to the European Parliament, which has since pledged to investigate the situaion.  A year ago, the President of Senegal ordered the regiistration of all the daaras in the country in response to Mario's work, which traveled the world with World Press Photo and became a FotoEvidence Book,Talibés Modern Day Slaves.
Click on Mario's image to view his testimony at YouTube.




Lens Blog: 'Spirit and Strength' in Nepal After an Earthquake and Destruction.
David Gonzales of Lens Blog asks Omar Havana about his experince working in Nepal after one of deadliest earthquake that devasted the country killing some 8000 people. The book "Edurance", published by FotoEvidence "is testament to the spirit of the Nepali people who showed him their determination to rebuild despite obstacles placed before them by nature and officials".