• 2014 FotoEvidence Book Award Finalist. Photo:Valerio Bispuri
  • 2014 FotoEvidence Book Award Finalist.Photo: Tanya Habjouqa
  • 2014 FotoEvidence Book Award Finalist. Photo:Fernando Moreles
  • 2014 FotoEvidence Book Award Finalist. Photo:Joao Pina
  • 2014 FotoEvidence Book Award Winner.Photo:Majid Saeedi
Interview by Svetlana Bachevanova and David Stuart
Photo: Satyar

Majid Saeedi is the winner of the 2014 FotoEvidence Book Award with his work from Afghanistan "Life in War". He has photographed the Middle East with a focus on the humanitarian aspect for the past two decades. Saeedi also takes a special interest in telling the untold stories of social issues and social injustice through his photos. Saeedi was born and raised in Tehran. He started photography at the age of 16 and, when he turned 18, he went to Iran Iraq border to take photos of the refugees.
Saeedi has managed the photography department of various news agencies in Iran and led key projects for over 15 years. One of Saeedi's interests is street photography: portraying ordinary citizens and daily life. When Saeedi is not working, he likes to teach photography to students and mentor young photographers.
For the past eight years, Saeedi has received the title of best photographer of Iran. His work has been published in internationally in Time magazine, Spiegel, Life, the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, and various Middle Eastern publications and online agencies. His recent work displayed the images of Libyan people as they were fighting for democracy and land-mine victims in Afghanistan.
Among Saeediā€™s recent awards are the 2014 FotoEvidence Book Award, the prestigious UNICEF award 2010 , Henri Nannen Award 2010, and the China International Press Photo Contest (CHIPP)2010, R.F. Kennedy Foundation Photographer of the Year 2012, International Photographer of the Year (Lucie )in New York 2011. World Press Photo 2013. National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) 2013, China International Press Photo Contest (CHIPP) 2013, winner of RPS wall grant in Japan 2013.